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Sponsoring a competition or eventUpdated a year ago

We love supporting events -- big or small -- in exchange for brand exposure!


Speedcubing competitions

We love to support organizers and competitors. The following points are what we typically include with a competition sponsorship. Note that the quantity and amounts will vary depending on the size of the competition.

  • Cash incentives for organizers
  • eGift cards provided before the event
  • Giveaway items
  • Vending area

Generally, we provide prizes in the form of eGift cards as sponsorship along with giveaway items. The number of gift cards and values will be determined by the number of competitors, guests, and events.

Other events

To discuss sponsorship opportunities for your event, cubing-related or not, send an email to [email protected].

Brand exposure

The following points are ways that we expect our brand to be promoted during a speedcubing competition:

  • A "SpeedCubeShop" tab on the competition website
    • Includes a hyperlinked logo to our store
    • Recognizes us as a sponsor
  • The inclusion of our logo on any event merchandise, signage, and certificates
  • Exclusive use of SpeedCubeShop branded materials (provided by us for free)
    • Cube covers
    • Table runners
  • Distribution of SpeedCubeShop business cards & decals during check-in


To inquire about sponsorship opportunities for your competition or event, email [email protected] and include all relevant details about your event.

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