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Tracking status definitions (ePacket)Updated a year ago

Below are the primary tracking updates that you should be aware of when tracking your ePost package. Please note that some of the wording may vary slightly from country to country.

There was an error locating tracking number.

ePost has not yet updated their system with the tracking information provided by our warehouse. This process can take 24-72 hours.

Data Received Shipment in Transit

The package has been packed and has left our facility. When the package arrives at ePost's sorting facility, the tracking will reflect "Parcel Received"

Parcel Received

The package has arrived at ePost's sorting facility.

E-File Uploaded

Package details uploaded to USPS system.

Parcel received at processing center

The package is being processed in preparation to be handed off to the USPS.

Parcel Shipped

The package has been shipped to the USPS facility.

In transit to USPS tracking #: ______________

If this tracking number is different than your original, you can use this new tracking number when tracking your package with the carrier's tracking page, EPG Track.

Processed Through Regional Facility

The package is preparing to leave the USA.

Arrived at International Service Center

The package is ready to leave the USA and is waiting for an available flight to the destination country. If your tracking seems "stuck" on this update this usually means that there is a shortage of flights to the destination country, delays due to weather or there are restrictions in place at your country's customs.

Origin Airline Carrier Departed/Uplift

The package is on a flight to the destination country. This process can take a few business days.

Held in Customs

The package is undergoing routine customs inspection before being released for delivery to the local mail carrier.

Customs Clearance

The package cleared customs and is usually delivered within a few business days.

Processed Through Office of Exchange

The package has cleared customs and is in transit to the local mail carrier for delivery. This process can take a few business days.

Collect for Pick Up

The package is available for pick up, usually through the local mail carrier.

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