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Cancelling your orderUpdated 4 months ago

Self-service order cancellations

You can modify your order using the portal link below. Modifications include adding/removing items, shipping address, shipping method, and order cancellations.

Note: Order edit windows will vary depending on the time of day and order processing speeds. Feel free to reply with any questions!

Contact customer support

If you are having trouble modifying your order using our self-service feature, please contact us. To allow us to assist you as quickly as possible, please include your order number.

We will do our best to cancel your order prior but are not always able to depending on fulfillment speeds and current support volume.

Tip: Contact us by phone (+1 844 828 2464) for time-sensitive requests.

If your order has started the fulfillment process and is being picked, we are no longer able to complete a cancellation request despite an "Unfulfilled" order status.

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