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Plastic color differencesUpdated 2 months ago

Speed cubes are generally available in varying plastic colors -- generally "Stickerless" and "Black". One has no advantage over the other, picking a plastic color is purely preference.

"Stickerless" plastic color refers to each face of the puzzle being a different color of plastic rather than relying on colored stickers being applied to each face.

If you are looking to personalize your speed cube with different colors, a disadvantage of "Stickerless" plastic is that you are unable to change the colors of each plastic face. Plastic color options that have stickers applied -- "Black" plastic, for example -- give you the ability to remove and re-apply your own set of custom stickers.

Some speed cubes are available with varying internal plastic colors -- generally "Black" and "Primary". The appearance of the internal plastic color is purely a cosmetic preference and has not been known to impact color recognition.

Plastic Color Comparison

Internal Plastic Color Comparison

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