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PVC coatingUpdated 3 months ago

Being a fast speedcuber does not matter if you cannot grip your cube. Coatings are a great way to dramatically increase grip and improve color vibrancy which improves recognition and look ahead.

Service Comparison

Factory DefaultPVC CoatingPVC Coating + Exoshield Overlays
Color vibrancyLowHighHigh
Surface scratchesYesNoNo
Plastic defectsYesNoNo
Cleaning kit//Included

Lifetime guarantee

PVC coating includes a lifetime guarantee*. In the event of any damage or defects, we will cover the cost of returning your cube, repairs, and return shipping.

*Dirt buildup around the edges of Exoshield overlays is not covered by our lifetime guarantee. A cleaning kit is included with ExoShield overlays and is also available as a separate purchase.

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