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Customize your speed cube. Learn why cubers love our custom services.


Our lubrication services have continued to be perfected since 2011. Learn which lubrication service is right for you.

PVC coating

Being a fast speedcuber does not matter if you cannot grip your cube. Coatings are a great way to dramatically increase grip and improve color vibrancy which improves recognition and look ahead. PVC coating includes a lifetime guarantee*. In the even

Applying custom stickers

Opting for custom stickers allows you to customize the look of your speed cube. We will remove the factory sticker set and logo and apply your sticker configuration. Start from scratch or utilize one of our pre-configured "color schemes" to find your

Logo sticker options

Adding a setup service or exterior coating to your speed cube unlocks the ability to choose from different logo sticker options. The brand logo or blank if the product does not have a logo applied from the factory. Any existing logo sticker or printe

Gift wrapping

Available during the holiday season, gift wrapping is a convenient product page add-on available for the majority of the products in our store! Wrapping paper patterns will vary based on the time of year. *Example of a product with gift wrapping add-