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Which lubricant should I use?Updated 3 months ago


When picking which lubricant or combination of lubricants for your speed cube or twisty puzzle, it is important to understand these terms.


  • Turning speed
  • Our favorite combination is a combination of Lunar & Stardust


  • How manageable the turning speed is
  • As a rule of thumb, the faster a lubricant is rated, it is usually less controllable.
    • If you do not turn accurately, you will want a more controllable feel.
    • If you turn accurately, you may want a faster, less controllable feel.
  • Our favorites are Nebula & Cosmos


  • How "buttery" or "soft" the turning feel is
  • Our favorites are Galaxy & Nebula


  • How thick the lubricant feels inside of the cube
  • Heavier lubricants feel smooth
  • Our favorite is Nebula


  • How durable the lubricant is
  • Lubricants that last less need to be applied more often


  • Silicone is longer lasting and can be used on hardware
  • Water-based is lasts less than silicone and cannot be used on non-plastic hardware

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